Ex-Spireite Tony Lormor in the Arctic

Tony Lormor who is doing an arctic dog sled ride to raise money for the Lymphoma Association
Tony Lormor who is doing an arctic dog sled ride to raise money for the Lymphoma Association

Cancer survivor Tony Lormor details his Arctic adventure to raise much-needed funds for Lymphoma Association.

The former Chesterfield striker and kit man embarks on a once in a lifetime journey in Europe’s Last Wilderness.

To make a donation visit Tony Lormor’s Just Giving page by clicking here or text NODE90 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

Day 93 - Day One in the Arctic

After getting the night bus from Nottingham to Heathrow and grabbing an hour of sleep, I was at the airport for about 3am.

The flight wasn’t until 7am so had a bit of a wait and copious amounts of black coffee!

Managed another hour of sleep on the 2 hour flight to Stockholm and then it was a short flight from Stockholm to Kiruna.

It was -12c when we arrived and it was the most beautiful site of snow, as far as the eye could see.

A quick journey brought us to our lodgings for the night and although everything is fairly basic, it’s comfortable and warm.

We then tuck into a nice warm broth and bread for lunch and have an hour spare before we go to the Ice Hotel.

The Ice Hotel was something quite special, as I’m sure your aware everything is made of ice.

Some of the more expensive rooms have carvings and sculptures from the ice and they are beautiful.

On return back to our lodge we tucked into chilli and rice and had a great catch up with the rest of the group.

Tomorrow is our first full day sledding and we’ll ended up staying in the wilderness for 3 full days. I think we’re all ready to crack on with this now!!

Day 94 - Getting on the sled

I’ve just woken up from 8 hours sleep, which is very good for me and obviously needed.

It’s 6am and when I woke, I didn’t have a clue where I was and it was quite surreal to comprehend that I’m in the Arctic!

It was -14c when I went to sleep last night but I was nice and toasty in my bed. When I say bed its a bunk bed and I’ve got the bottom bunk!

After breakfast we set off for the first leg of our sledding. We had to harness up the 4 dogs and then wait til all 11 of us to do the same thing.

Once all of the dogs are harnessed up then they get so excited that they are going to work, they yap consistently and the noise is quite deafening until they take that first step and it goes deathly silent!

It is quite remarkable the contrast in noise to no noise. Took about 5-10 mins to get myself steady and confident and after that it was very good.

The scenery is quite breathtaking and just to be in your own little world, the peace and quiet are just a joy to have.

We stopped after about 2 hours to eat and there was an open fire in a teepee waiting for us. There was frozen chicken soup for lunch bubbling away over an open fire.

After 1 hours break we set off again and sledged for about 3-4 hours. To sled over a frozen lake for about 3 miles long and the vastness is just amazing.

I have to admit that I did fall of my sled and I ended up head first in a snow drift, while feverishly holding onto my sled.

On arrival to our Wilderness Lodge, it was everything that I dreamt about.

Going through the snow covered trees we came across an opening and there it was, a pine lodge with no electricity or running water.

We’ve got gas lamps, candles and log burners for the light and heat. I was given the job of collecting water and a simple job, I thought!

Oh no, I was given 2 urns and a sledge and I was told I’d need my gloves and snow boots.

I was then led to a stream where I was given a bucket and a funnel and I had to fill the bucket from the stream and then pour it into the earns.

When they were full I had to drag the sled back to the lodge and the water was used to fill the heater in the sauna.

So, I thought it was only fair that I’d use the sauna!! I had about 15 mins on my own lying in the heat in the sauna and while I was there I was watching the moon through some icicles.

After getting nice and hot in the sauna, I ran outside, rolled in the snow and ran back into the sauna. I did this twice then washed myself down and I’ve never felt so clean.

Evening meal was reindeer, so another first for me, which was very nice and a quiet night in front of the log burner, chilling out, before bed!!

Day 95 - First one up

I was awake at the obligatory 6am and I’m the 1st one up.

The log burner has a few burning embers so I stoke up the fire with some dry kindling and small logs so I can get a flame going and then I no time I have a roaring fire which I gladly chill out in front of until I’m disturbed about 7.30 when the next person gets up.

I make porridge for the group for breakfast and just getting everything ready for the day’s sledding ahead.

Wow! We must’ve been out for 7 hours today and I’m now shattered! The sled was very tricky with lots of tricky, downhill slopes.

We ended up having lunch in the middle of the forest and used the snow as our chairs. Hot dogs were warmed over a home made fire in the snow.

We ended our sled tonight in the dark and my dogs were totally out of energy so I ran with them for the last hour or so of the sled.

When we arrived back at the lodge it was a quick turnaround and I was off to fill my water urns from the stream again and then I got changed and chilled out in the sauna.

Dinner was meatball and broccoli and I’m so ready for my bed!

Day 96 - Time to celebrate

Our final day in the Wilderness Lodge and it’s quite sad to think that we’re leaving it as it’s been home, although primitive, for the last 3 days.

I’m up early so I stoke up the log burner and get the fire going in the stove. I’m on porridge making duties again, so the last batch must’ve been alright!

We have to pack up all of our stuff and tidy the lodge for the next people coming in. It’s been a busy morning already and we’ve not even harnessed the dogs yet.

We sled all day again and return home in the dark and it’s been a tiring but rewarding day. We stop of for salmon soup in a teepee for lunch and a break, as much for the dogs than ourselves.

Tonight has been a celebratory dinner and were treat to a nice meal of pumpkin soup, salmon and then fruit and yoghurt. We end the night with some games and a really good chat.

To make a donation visit Tony Lormor’s Just Giving page by clicking here or text NODE90 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070.