Chesterfield FC blog: ‘It’s time for technology’, says Spireites fan Ben Littewood

Every football team has been subject to an incorrect decision and in the past, there simply hasn’t been another option rather than relying on a split-second decision from a referee.

Now, due to rapid advances in technology there is an alternative. But, the people in control of the beautiful game have decided not to implement the full form of assistance for officials.

My whole point revolves around the penalty incident on Saturday involving Georg Margreitter and Oldham’s Danny Philliskirk. After watching a video replay, it was evident that Philliskirk was actually guilty of simulation.

It’s always disappointing, although Chesterfield aren’t the only team affected. It happens all over the football pyramid on a regular basis, which means that something needs to change.

There’s far too much money at stake in the present day, not just pride. When you look at the bigger picture, the two points dropped on Saturday could turn out to be the difference between failure and success in the context of the club’s ambitions.

There’s no doubt that officials have an extremely tough job, but I find it mind-blowing that a decision has been made not to aid them as much as possible at this point in time. Goal-line technology is genuinely fantastic, but more is still required.

Promotions and relegations are all impacted by refereeing decisions.

A stoppage to review an incident would take around 30 seconds, so time really isn’t an issue. Key moments, like a potential infringement inside the area as stated previously definitely need to be looked at in more detail.

The game should be made as fair as possible, the burden shouldn’t be shouldered completely by a referee or a linesman who are both trying to perform to the best of their ability.

They’re only human and humans naturally make mistakes.

It’s about time we looked at the example set by other sports, like cricket and American football.

The message is simple, introduce and embrace technology in football on all levels.