Cameron Dhaliwal Alfreton Town blog: Fans need to keep the faith

Josh Law races away after scoring Alfretons opening goal.
Josh Law races away after scoring Alfretons opening goal.

Upon hearing the news that Wayne Bradley was selling the club along with midfielder Dan Bradley and Josh Law to Barnet and Motherwell respectively, the Reds support was tense and extremely upset.

However, my message is simple to them: keep the faith. Bradley has had a unbelievable tenure as Alfreton Town chairman, he took them from the Northern Counties League in 2002 to the Conference, a remarkable achievement in modern football.

While he is selling the club he is doing so for all the right reasons. It’s clear to see after such a promising season for Alfreton that the potential.

While the disappointment looms over the Impact Arena, it was more than any optimistic fan would hope for.

The season laid out a clear plan for Nicky Law and the board room. Alfreton need a few more quality players, someone who you know can push you over the line with their experience and skill.

Unfortunately these players cost a few bob, and when I say a few I mean a lot, as wealthy clubs like Barnet and Grimsby inflate the market.

It could have been extremely easy for Bradley to do what many chairmen have done, and that is too ignore the fact more money was needed and keep Alfreton in mid-table mediocrity while the club grew.

Instead, he tied Nicky Law down to a new deal, a clever move to make the transition of the new owner’s easy and finally, a controversial point of the sale of Josh Law (pictured) and Dan Bradley.

While many fans will be unhappy he left, they must take into consideration firstly the healthy profit made of the duo, this leading to Nicky Law having the funds needed to improve his squad and not have to wait around for the new owners.

Secondly, freezing the ticket prices thus spreading content around the supporters and also for the new owners, it allows them to implement price increase/decrease where they see fit.

Thirdly, the new money received can be re-circulated to get a bigger squad which is a massive need for Alfreton.

Nicky Law wasted no time adding some much needed experience to his squad by signing Duane Courtney, the 29-year old journeyman has been around the block and will know invaluable information that will uplift the whole squad. Another signing is unknown quantity Nathan Hicks from Leamington, after coming through the Leicester City youth system. These signings will add both depth and experience for next season.

Overall, while I know this will be a tough summer to adjust to not seeing Josh Law standing over a free-kick or Wayne Bradley at the helm, it should be a time of appreciation for the departures, as all have served the club impeccably and will benefit the club in their leaving. The final message from his to the club: we go again.