Experiments with the Tuff Eye float

How many times have you been fishing, well into the session, getting lots of bites, when the light changes and you can’t see the float any more?

The water, reflecting the sky, turns a silver-grey colour and your fluorescent orange-tipped float is no longer visible. Happens to us all at some time or other.

All the angling books advise you ‘paint’ the float tip black with a permanent marker, which works well, but you end up with all your favourite floats daubed black - never an attractive proposition.

If you were fishing with a waggler, the Drennan Crystals with their inter-changeable tips are ideal, a simple push/click fit and you have the correct coloured tip for the conditions.

I have a collection of them, including a bulbous wind-beater and the all-important black tips, but nowadays I fish a pole more than a float rod.

One solution I’ve been experimenting with is the Tuff Eye pole float system.

The advertising jargon extols the virtues of its strength of construction; stating the eye can’t be pulled from the body, but what attracted me are the interchangeable tips supplied with the float.

The floats come in two body patterns with five sizes to choose from, but each float comes with four different coloured, easily interchangeable tips, allowing the angler to see the float against any background or light condition.

I tried a lightweight 4x12 on a local pond and was impressed – it held its shotting pattern throughout the session, no messing about having to take shot off the line as the body leaked. Swapping the tips is a simple push/click fit, I used the orange tip first then swapped to the all black tip, which is surprisingly visible in most conditions.

The Tuff Eye now comes complete on a ready made rig, Tuff Eye 1’s are made with 6lb line, 5lb hooklength and size 14 barbless carp hook and the Tuff Eye 2’s are made with 5lb line, 4lb hooklength and size 16 barbless carp hook.

Definitely something to look at next time you are in the tackle shop.

Finally, just a quick mention of a local match coming up, the Barrow Hill Memorial Open is being held on Sunday, August, 21,draw at 8am at the Hollingwood car park with fishing 10am to 3pm. Tickets are £13 with a big cash prize. Might see you there!