Duo reach grade one standard


The young athletes of Chesterfield & District AC started off the new season with a second place behind old rivals Amber Valley in the opening match of the Derbyshire Mini League’s new season at Derby Moorways.

Emma Schaanning and Brandon Lewis, with Grade 1 performances in hurdles and high jump respectively, staked their claims for the Athlete of the Day awards.

Chesterfield also had excellent win doubles from Shannon Ashmore, Dalton Hubbard, James McConnell, Melissa Middleton and Emma Schaanning.

Match result: Amber Valley 532 points, Chesterfield 509, Derby 363.5, Blackwell & Buxton 191.5, Heanor 20.

Individual results of first two CDAC scoring athletes (key DT discus, H hurdles. HJ high jump, LJ long jump, SP shot put):

U11G: Niamh Sutton 7th 80m 14.0s, 9th 150m 28.7s; Lily Barnes 8th 150m 26.9s, 9th 600m 2:17.0; Leah Shimwell 7th 600m 2:16.0; Natasha Hill 3rd HJ 0.90m; Team 3rd 4 x 100m relay 71.4s.

U13G: Katie Lindley 1st 70mH 14.2s, 2nd 800m 2:43.0 (G4); Lauren Hill 2nd 70mH 14.8s, 3eq LJ 3.29m, 3rd SP 6.39m (G4); Melissa Middleton 1st 100m 14.8s 1st 200m 30.7s (G4); Emily Croft 2nd 100m 15.2s; Ashleigh Keable 2nd 200m 31.9s; Lauren Kay 3eq LJ 3.29m; Beth Wood 6th SP 4.31m; Team 1st 4x100m relay 62.7s.

U15G: Emma Schaanning 1st 75mH 11.8s (G1), 1st 100m 13.2s (G3), 6th SP 6.15m; Megan Jackson 3rd 100m 14.7s, 3rd HJ 1.20m; Sophie Quince 3rd 800m 2:48.0, 4th 200m 31.8s; Sophie Critchlow 4th 800m 2:55.3; Erin Ward 5th 200m 33.4s; Shannon Ashmore 1st shot put 7.35m, 1st DT 16.97m; Natalie Ward 4th DT 8.36m; Team 1st 4x100m relay 58.6s.

U11B: James McConnell 1st 80m 12.6s, 1st 150m 23.1s; Edgar Webber 3rd 80m 13.3s; Oliver Dakin 1st 600m 2:04.7, 2nd 150m 24.1s; Oscar Haines 4th 600m 2:06.0; Mikey Broomhead 3rd LJ 3.07m; Tom Morley 4th LJ 2.95m; Team 2nd 4 x 100m relay 68.2s.

U13B: Callum Spencer-Barratt 6th 800m 3:02.6, Brandon Lewis 2nd SP 8.21m, 3rd 75mH 16.5s, 1st HJ 1.45m (G1); George Taylor 3rd SP 8.07m, 4th 75mH 17.2s, 5th HJ 1.20m; James Brewster 2nd 100m 14.6s, 7th 800m 3:26.5; Joe Houghton 3rd 100m 14.9s, 3rd 200m 29.9s; Nathaniel Goodban 7th 200m 40.8s.

U15B: Callum Kay 1st 80mH 16.4s, 4th 100m 13.8s, 3rd SP 7.20m; Nico Raine 4th 80mH 17.5s, 6th 800m 2:51.2, 7th 200m 35.3s; James Rutherford 2nd LJ 4.16m, 3rd 100m 13.6s; Thomas Barnes 4th 200m 30.0s, 4th 800m 2:42.8; Dalton Hubbard 1st LJ 4.80m, 1st SP 9.84m, 2nd DT 22.63m; Team 2nd 4 x 100m relay 58.0s.