Dronfield boxer needs a Sheffield win before big Leeds event

Lewis Taylor says he is one fight away from sharing on the spotlight of a major boxing event.

The unbeaten Dronfield middleweight competes in his 11th professional fight, a week on Friday, at Ponds Forge.

Lewis Taylor Dronfield middleweight

Lewis Taylor Dronfield middleweight

The fighter has had to serve his apprenticeship in the paid ranks, and is not overlooking whoever is in the opposite corner in Sheffield.

But Taylor has half an eye on making his debut on a larger scale, on the undercard of a televised world title fight, at Leeds Arena, on December 21.

Taylor said he and promoter Dennis Hobson was aiming for a win at Ponds Forge and then appear on the bill supporting the Stuart Hall v Vusi Malinga vacant IBF bantamweight title scrap.

Referring to his schedule, he said on video at thestar.co.uk Taylor said he wanted a “step up” on the calibre of his opponents.

“I don’t want to fight journeymen, I want to fight someone who comes to win comes to have a go, pushes me, I can only learn from people who are up there. I prefer to fight the best. You can only be the best if you beat the best.”

He said the idea was to win in Sheffield and then make a bigger name for himself in Leeds.

The 23-year-old has to juggle his training with a full time job as a department manager at a company in Dinnington.

And he wants to improve his KO percentage - currently he has just one to his name on his 10-win, two-year record.

Taylor said he didn’t see knockouts as the “be all and end all” adding he didn’t feel there was a point taking any risks by going for a dramatic finish. “I just want to make sure I get a win under my belt. If a KO comes, it comes. “Obviously fans like it. If it is there I will take it. When you are fighting journeymen they are good at what they do, they hold on and survive. I’d like to get stronger at getting shots off better, move my head a bit more, connect my shots better, more precisely.”

Also on the November 29 Hobson show, is unbeaten Sheffield boxers Sam Matkin, Hassan Ahmed and Doncaster heavyweight David Allen.