Diaco breaks the 80 barrier


In Division One Shirebrook roll on and on with a comprehensive 4-1 win over Alfreton A.

Diacopouls had a superb 81 break.

Placed second nedsC A took on New Whitt A, Nigel Bond hitting a 66 break to beat a young Kieron Wood who opened up with a 32 break.

Martin Burrel had a 59 and a 27 break against Mark Nunn as Martin went on to take the frame 93-36 as nedsc ran out 3-2 winners.

Third place Hustlers are getting back on track with a fine 4-1 win over Rileys A, Jason Renshaw the only reistance for Rileys.

Division One results: Shirebrook 4 Alfreton A 1; nedsc A 3 New Whitt A 2, Hustlers A 4 Rileys A 1, Clowne Lib A 2 Alfreton D 3; Grassmoor 4 Clowne B 1.

In Division Two produced there was a derby clash with New Tupton B defeating Brotherhood A 4-1.

Hasland C maintained winning ways with a fine 4-1 victory over Clowne C.

North Wingfield wmc hosted nedsc B, m legget having a 32 clearance as North Wingfield ran out 5-0 winners.

Division Two: North Wingfield wmc 5 nedsc B 0, New Tupton B 4 Brotherhood A 1, Hasland C 4 Clowne 1.

In Division Three there was a shock defeat for Hustlers as they met a determined Clowne side who ran out 4-1 winners.

Riverside A are really getting their act together putting struggling Arkwright to the sword with a 4-1 win. John Hunter had a 33 clearance.

Carl Evans of Riverside was taken to the black ball by P Morgan.

Clowne Lib had a fine win over Old whitt 3-2.

Pot Black keep putting good results together they beat New Whitt B 3-2 Ash Amsley getting a 33 break.

New Whitt slip to third as Riverside go clear second by two points.

Birdholme faced bottom place Hasland A. Veteran Eric Meres recorded the only win for Hasland in a tight 62-57 victory against G Woodhead.

Holmewood are making a good run into the last few matches with a 4-1 win over nedsc L

Division Three: Hustlers 1 Clowne Lib 4, Riverside 4 Arkwright mw 1, nedsc l 1 Holmewood mw 4, Clowne Lib B 3 Old Whitt 2, Birdholme wmc A 4 Hasland wmc A 1, Pot Black 2 New Whitt 2.

Division Four: Doe Lea A 2 Pilsley mw 3, nedsc E3 Chesterfield mw B 2 (m taylor 40 break), New Whitt C 3 Doe Lea B 2; Brotherhood C 1 nedsc J 4, nedsc M 3 Newbold wmc A 2, Newbold ca B 2 Staveley mw B 3.

Division Five: Newbold wmc B 2 Hasland B 3, nedsc F 1 Newbold Comm C 4, British Rail 3 nedsc F 2, Hustlers D 4 Poolsbrook B 1, Rileys C 2 New Tupton A 3.