COLUMN: Why some Spireites are experiencing FOMO and '˜true fan' is a nonsense term

FOMO is the social media friendly and trendy acronym for the fear of missing out, a growing phenomenen among Chesterfield's stayaway fans.

Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 11:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 12:30 pm
Picture Andrew Roe/AHPIX LTD, Football, EFL Sky Bet League Two, Chesterfield FC v Exeter City, Proact Stadium, 18/11/17, K.O 3pm An applause from the Chesterfield fans on the 12th minute Andrew Roe>>>>>>>07826527594

The good times are finally threatening to roll around again and wherever the self-exiled Spireites find themselves on a Saturday, news of late winners and positive results must provoke a host of emotions.

There’ll be pride, at the huge strides taken by a club legend in his first managerial role.

The elation of a last minute goal is keenly felt whether at the game or not – that little spark of joy and relief brought by the best possible tweet or text about the game.

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But there must be sadness too, a tinge of regret that you weren’t there, leaping out of your blue seat to acclaim Robbie Weir’s wonderful stoppage time goal, joining in with the wild celebrations and looking across adoringly in the direction of the dugout to see Jack Lester celebrate another victory.

Why wouldn’t you be there? Surely a true fan supports their team no matter what?

Firstly, let’s throw the term ‘true fan’ on the Yuletide log and set it ablaze.

What on earth is a ‘true’ fan? Someone who happens to find themselves logistically and financially able to attend every game?

It’s a nonsense of a term, because the love a match-going Spireite feels cannot be proven to be any greater than the love felt by a Town fan who, for any number of reasons, doesn’t walk down Sheffield Road on a match day.

Those living abroad, down on their luck, working a shift or caring for loved ones, they’re all Spireites just as much as those with a ticket.

The same goes for the Chesterfield folk who have taken the decision to stay away until the club changes hands.

The ‘not a penny more brigade’ as they’ve been dubbed.

You cannot suggest that someone who cares so deeply about the running of their club that they’ll impose their own ban on attendance, is any less of a fan than someone sat in the Kop.

To take that decision in the first place is their right, and to stick to it during the last couple of seasons might not have been all that hard given the miserable events.

But right now, as Lester turns the tide, it must be gut wrenching to maintain.

Lester and his blue revolution will win back any who fell out of love with the matchday experience, but only a takeover will bring back the stayaways.

Until that happens, spare a thought for the Spireites who are missing out on all the fun.