Chesterfield karter's need for speed

A speedy Chesterfield school pupil is enjoying life in the fast lane ahead of a busy karting 2018 calendar.

Saturday, 2nd December 2017, 4:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 12:57 pm
LKRC-Fulbeck 2017 MSA Championship Rnd 3

Aidan Lyne has joined Cutting Edge Racing in preparation of the Super One series which begins in April.

The 11-year-old will race in the Honda Cadet category for his new team, with hopes of making an impression.

The team boasted the 2016 series winner who is one step closer to his F1 dream having recently signed with Red Bull.

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But Aidan’s mind is focused on next year’s competition, having only taken up the sport 19 months ago with his dad.

Lyne senior, Jason, is a self-confessed motorsport fanatic and shares that passion with his son Aidan.

“Motorsport is a passion of mine so it was probably me living my life through my child a little bit,” said Jason. “I wanted to give him everything I wanted to do.

“We thought we’d give him a test day and ultimately we went there for a bit of fun, something to do once a month to enjoy ourselves.

“We didn’t expect during the short time that he’d be as competitive as he has become. From going once a month it’ll be four times a month next year.

“We created our own little team last year to help and support one another as we didn’t know much about the sport but now we’ve got Aidan on a team.”

And added: “We’ve gone from complete novices to next year doing the Super One where the best of the best come from or go to.

“Harry Thompson did it in 2016 and you’ll probably see him in Formula 1. The team that we’re with was Harry’s team.

“There’s a pathway, albeit very slim. There’s a 10 million to one chance and I’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery.

“But it’s a nice aspiration to be looking forward to. Whether it’s likely or unlikely, who knows, he enjoys it so much.”

Aidan, a student at St Mary’s, finished eighth out of 27 drivers in the Northern Karting Confederation this year.

“We didn’t know it would go this far. There’s seeded drivers in the Super One last year and he’s producing as fast lap times as them,” said Jason.

“As a family we’re paying £20-30,000 for him to be competitive next year - and that’s a slim budget compared to others.

“It’s a big commitment as a family and I’ve got three other kids as well and we’re all committed and in it together.”

The series starts at PF International Kart Circuit, in Stragglethorpe, over the weekend of April 7-8th and finishes in September.

Jason, 44, added: “Hopefully it’ll be a it of fun. We’re racing kids who have £100k on a year and have been doing it for four or five years.

“If we can come in the top 10 then it’ll be an achievement for the amount of time he’s been at it. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.”