Best season so far for rising golf star George Woolgar

YEAR TO REMEMBER -- for Chesterfield golfer George Woolgar.
YEAR TO REMEMBER -- for Chesterfield golfer George Woolgar.

Fast-improving Chesterfield golfer George Woolgar has reflected on the most successful year of his career, and is looking forward to making more progress in 2016.

In his second season on the European Challenge Tour, the 30-year-old Woolgar finished 43 places higher than in his debut year, grabbing 77th place on the order of merit. And he ended the year by achieving his highest-ever world ranking of 785th. What’s more, 2015 will always be remembered as the year in which he married ”my beautiful wife”.

“My second season on the Tour has been a great experience,” Woolgar said this week. “It has been challenging, with a lot of travelling, including flights from Heathrow at 2.30 in the morning. But it has been great to go to some new events and see new places.

“In all, I’ve been to 13 different countries in the space of ten months. The year started in Kenya and ended in Kazakhstan.”

It was Kenya where Woolgar produced his best performance on the Tour so far, finishing third on 16-under par and only one shot from a play-off at an event in April. He has also won six non-Tour tournaments and made the top five in 11 others.

“Since I got back from the Tour, I’ve been working hard with my coach, Steve Astle,” said Woolgar, who is full of thanks for the support of his sponsors.

“We’ve reviewed the season and are making the changes needed to improve, so I can have an even better 2016 and potentially realise my dream of playing on the main European Tour.”

Woolgar resumes competitive action in February, but it won’t be a case of putting his feet up and relaxing over the Christmas holiday. “The gym is crucial at this time of year, so my fitness coach, Paul Farquharson, has constructed a programme to improve my strength and fitness.” he added.

“I’m training twice a day, six days a week, at the moment. It’s hard, but it’s what I have to do to make gains.”