Rod averages at Carsington Fishery continue to impress officials

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The rod average at Carsington Fishery continues to impress officials, with the current recorded at more than double that of last season’s for this time of the year.

There have had a mix of conditions throughout the week, leading to lots of different methods being used, and some anglers have seen success on buzzers and dry flies.

Rod Average: The rod average for this week was 10.72 with 409 fish caught by 54 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown: The heaviest rainbow caught this week was 7lbs 6oz by Mr C Critchley. No Browns were recorded this week.

Top Spots: The most successful areas have been all along the east side of the reservoir and towards the north end. Fishtail Creek, Tower Bank and Brown Ale Bay have also been popular.

Methods & Flies: The most successful patterns were montana, booby, minkie, black and green lures, cats whisker and buzzers. Most anglers have used sinking lines on a fast retrieve.

Carsington Spring Open Competition 2015: The 2015 Spring Open will will be held on Sat 11th April 2015 we have a few boats left for this competition so don’t miss out.