All to play for in top flight

With one match league to play Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’, although they lost 3-2 against Rileys ‘A’, are one point clear in Division One and are on 70 points with Ashley Walker making a break of 42 in his win for Shirebrook against Dave Gray.

Eckington ‘A’ are in second place after they beat NEDSC ‘D’ 2-3 away with NEDSC ‘A’ a further point behind in third place after they beat Eckington ‘B’ 1-4.

In the match between Alfreton ‘A’ and fourth-placed Alfreton ‘D’ John Strange made a break of 41 in his win for the ‘A’ team against John Hand and Nigel Meakin and Kennedy Wright both had clearance breaks of 35 and 52 for the ‘D’ team in their wins against Alex Watson and Ade Minshul respectively.

The top three teams in Division Two all lost last week so there is everything to play for in the last match.

New Whittington ‘A’ are leading by just one point and are on 58 points after they went down 1-4 at home against North Wingfield WMC with Pete Dudley having a break of 30 for Whittington but was unlucky to lose in a black ball game 51-55.

Clowne Liberal ‘A’ are in second place after they were edged out 2-3 against New Tupton MW ‘B’ and Clowne Liberal ‘C’ are a further point behind after they were beaten 4-1 against Hasland WMC ‘C’.

In the match between Birdholme WMC and Alfreton ‘B’ Nick Gaunt, Les Mooney and Ady Weston made breaks of 24, 35 and 24 in their wins against Alfreton’s Craig Swift, John Smith and Rob Ashmore respectively.

Division Three is all wrapped up with Brotherhood ‘A’ champions after winning 3-2 against NEDSC ‘L’ and are on 77 points with NEDSC ‘G’ runners up after they beat Staveley MW ‘B’ 0-5 away. Alfreton ‘C’ and Holmewood MW just miss out.

New Whittington ‘B’ are champions of Division Four and are on 71 points with Pot Black in second place six points behind although they lost 2-3 against Doe Lea MW ‘B’, with Newbold Community and Doe Lea MW both in joint third place a further four points behind.

In Division Five Chesterfield MW ‘B’ are four points clear and are on 68 points with Pilsley MW ‘A’ in second place after they beat Rileys ‘C’ 3-2. NEDSC ‘H’ are in third place a further four points behind after they beat Newbold Community ‘C’ 4 – 1.


THE N.E.D.S.C. DIVISION 1:- Rileys ‘A’ 3 Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 2, N.E.D.S.C. ‘D’ Eckington ‘A’ 3, Alfreton ‘A’ 3 Alfreton ‘D’ 2, Chesterfield MW ‘A’ 3 Grassmoor WMC 2, Shirebrook Ex Servicemans ‘B’ 2 Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 3, Eckington ‘B’ 1 N.E.D.S.C. ‘A’ 4.

THE ECKINGTON SC DIVISION 2:- Hasland WMC ‘C’ 4 Clowne Liberal ‘C’ 1, Clowne Liberal ‘A’ 2 New Tupton MW ‘B’ 3, New Whittington ‘A’ 1 North Wingfield WMC ‘A’ 4, Birdholme WMC ‘A’ 3 Alfreton ‘B’ 2, Clowne Liberal ‘D’ 1 N.E.D.S.C. ‘B’ 4.

THE CLOWNE LIBERAL CLUB DIVISION 3:- Holmewood MW 3 Alfreton ‘C’ 2, N.E.D.S.C. ‘J’ 2 Arkwright MW 3, Brotherhood ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘L’ 2, Eckington ‘C’ 2 Hasland WMC ‘A’ 3, Staveley MW ‘B’ 0 N.E.D.S.C. ‘G’ 5, Rileys ‘B’ 1 Old Whittington ‘A’ 4.

THE NEEDHAMS SPECIALIST UTILITY ENGINEERS DIVISION 4:- British Rail 2 Poolsbrook ‘B’ 3, N.E.D.S.C. ‘E’ 4 New Whittington ‘C’ 1, Doe Lea MW ‘A’ 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘M’ 3, Newbold Community ‘B’ 3 Brotherhood ‘C’ 2, Pot Black ‘A’ 2 Doe Lea ‘B’ 3.

THE NOVA TOURS DIVISION 5:- N.E.D.S.C. ‘H’ 4 Newbold Community ‘C’ 1, Pilsley MW ‘A’ 3 Rileys ‘C’ 2, Brotherhood ‘B’ 4 N.E.D.S.C. ‘F’ 1, New Tupton MW ‘A’ 3 A.G.D. Rileys 2, Newbold WMC ‘B’ 2 Hasland WMC ‘B’ 3.