Ace Cordin obliterates opposition

Richard Cordin obliterated the field as he yet again won Matlock Cycling Club’s ten-mile time-trial.

Cordin finished the course in a time of 21:55 seconds – averaging over 27 mph.

His closest competitor was Patrick Gould who was over a minute behind, finishing in 23 minutes.

Peter Colledge was third with a time of 23:07.

Matt Ingram continued to make progress this season has he recorded a season’s best time of 23:43, and was the only other rider under 24 minutes, finishing in fourth.

Kyle Fantom was the fastest youth rider. Fantom finished in 16th place overall with a time of 29:09 – very impressive given he rides a standard road bike with no aero aids.

RESULTS: 1 Richard Cordin 21:55, 2 Patrick Gould 23:00, 3 Peter Colledge 23:07, 4 Matt Ingram 23:43, 5 Will Fox 24:09, 6 Neil Armitage 24:16, 7 Chris Sharp 26:04, 8 Gary Blackham 26:30, 9 Martin Stubbs 26:42, 10 Gareth Ferguson 26:51, 11 Andrew Auld 26:59, 12 Alan Fox 27:22, 13 Greg Woodward 27:23, 14 Mike Bradley 27:39, 15 Nick Pine 28:06, 16 Kyle Fantom 29:09, 17 Josh Eaton 29:35.

Meanwhile, Matlock’s Thursday night 10.4-mile Long Hilly time-trial was held in near-perfect conditions as the sun shone and the wind was still. Incredibly, five riders managed to go under 29 minutes on the tough course.

Chris Green took full advantage to record the win in a very quick time of 28:11 seconds. Green narrowly edged out Leigh Fearn who finished in second place at just ten seconds back.

Local pro rider Will Fox finished in third spot with a time of 28:42. It would have been much quicker had he not dropped a chain half way round the course meaning he had to dismount and put the chain back on.

Patrick Gould and Steve Heading tied for fourth spot with a time of 28:50.

Once again Kyle Fantom was the fastest youth rider – finishing in 15th place overall with a time of 35:05 seconds.

RESULTS: 1 Chris Green 28:11, 2 Leigh Fearn 28:21, 3 Will Fox 28:42, 4 Patrick Gould 28:50, 4 Steve Heading 28:50, 6 Kevin White 29:01, 7 Tom Plant 29:42, 7 James Furniss 29:42, 9 Chris Metcalfe 30:30, 10 Andrew Auld 30:55, 11 Chris Sharp 31:33, 12 Dominic Limb 31:47, 13 Andrew Briggs 32:40, 14 Eric Ruthenberg 34:42, 15 Kyle Fantom 35:05, 16 Andrew Spriggs 39:48, 17 Josh Eaton 42:43.

Richard Cordin’s current form led him to fifth overall in Sheffrec CC’s Open ten-mile time-trial on Saturday.

Cordin finished with a time of 21:53.

Cordin’s Matlock team-mate Andrew Dearing is recovering well from knee surgery as he finished the course in a time of 23:20 – good enough for 17th place from the 73 starters..

Many of Matlock CC’s youth riders took part in the Midlands XC Mountain Bike Championships held on Sunday at Birchall, Unstone.

There were notable rides for Reuben Orr who won the boy’s U10s event, with brother Cameron finishing in third in the U12s. Ffyona Booker won the U12s girls race while Tim Elsmore-Martin finished in fourth place in the U12 boys race having just gone up an age group.

Gregg Booker finished in fourth place in the U14 boys.