YOUR VIEW: Let's fight back and launch a credit union in face of latest bank closure

I read with interest, and agreement with, the letters sent to your paper regarding the closure of Lloyds Bank in Clay Cross. This was the very last financial establishment within Clay Cross and will pose a problem for businesses left in the town and the elderly. Also the unemployed.

Friday, 21st April 2017, 3:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:54 pm
Locals gather to show their disapproval of Lloyds Bank's decision to close it's Clay Cross branch on High Street.

We are still lucky enough to have a post office in Clay Cross, but I can’t help wondering how long that will be for?

Banking is a business, but like so many other businesses, banks are putting profit before service to their customers in my opinion.

If asked, they say the buildings are no longer financially viable as more people are banking online. However banking online is most definitely not without its dangers because of its susceptibility to fraud, and I recently read that the banks are not doing enough to safeguard their customers against this. However, not everyone chooses to bank that way, particularly the elderly.

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Is this yet another example of institutionalised ageism?

Also let us not forget that it was the banking system that led us into the most recent financial problems and we are still paying the price for this.

I noticed that one of the contributors to your letters page on this subject is a would-be Lib Dem councillor. He will undoubtedly have many connections so I am throwing down a challenge to him.

How about looking into the possibility of setting up a local credit union/community bank?

That would not only help local people and businesses, but has the possibility of helping the community as a whole. After all if private banks want to turn their backs on us then we should fight back and provide ourselves with an alternative that works for us all.


Old Tupton

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