YOUR VIEW: Bank cannot turn its back on Clay Cross like this, says parish council chairman

Clay Cross Parish Council is appalled at the decision of Lloyds bank to close its Clay Cross branch.

Friday, 21st April 2017, 3:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:31 pm
Locals gather to show their disapproval of Lloyds Bank's decision to close it's Clay Cross branch on High Street.
Locals gather to show their disapproval of Lloyds Bank's decision to close it's Clay Cross branch on High Street.

At no time has Lloyds officially contacted the parish council to inform us of this decision or talk to us about alternatives to closure.

Lloyds bank, and TSB before it, have been supported by many Clay Cross businesses and residents throughout the decades.

To close without any consultation with the elected representatives of the residents of Clay Cross parish is, in our view, a disgraceful snub by Lloyds bank.

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As chairman of the parish council, I and my colleagues believe even at this late stage Lloyds bank should meet with us to talk about this closure. Clay Cross town centre is presently going through some major transitions with a potential growth in its population, so why at this point in time has a decision been made to abandon our town?

Clay Cross Parish Council members have been approached by residents and local businesses expressing their dismay over the proposed closure.

A number of residents transferred their accounts from NatWest to Lloyds bank when it closed last year. At this time, Lloyds bank was happy to take their monies with no suggestion that it was to close!

Clay Cross Parish Council has called upon the MP Natascha Engel to urgently intervene on this matter.

I guess Lloyds bank will justify its actions and provide statistics to argue the closure but statistics do not tell the real story - local residents and businesses will suffer from this loss.

Councillor Brian Wright, the local county councillor for Clay Cross insists that: “Lloyds bank should meet with me, our MP, members of the parish council and district councillors to show that Clay Cross is a viable town that is growing rapidly and needs a bank in the community.”

It is not acceptable for Lloyds bank to simply ignore the people of Clay Cross in this way.

Coun Gerry Morley

Chairman, Clay Cross Parish Council

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