YOUR VIEWS: A round up of this week’s best letters...

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The postbag and email inbox have been full of your views on all things Chesterfield this week. Bus cuts dominate, with a damning verdict on teh town centre featuring too. Here are some of the best letters we’ve recieved this week.

BA Barker asks, Market, what market? in a letter which also states that Chesterfield has lot the heart of the town. Have a read here and let us know if you agreee.

Matt Smythe says bus cuts will affect the vulnerable the most. Read why here.

Richard Bradley agrees and has his own points to add. Read his letter here.

Farmers would be better off if we leave EU, according to R.W.Barnes. Read why he thinks so here.

And finally, the national anthem debate rumbles on with David Pickering asking if we’ll end up singing a German song. Read his letter here.

As always we want to hear from you on whatever is hitting the headlines and more. Write to us on any issue...


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