YOUR VIEW: Leisurely shop at Ravenside ended in parking ticket

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I feel I must warn all shoppers who like a leisurely stroll round the Ravenside Retail Park not to dally too much or risk getting a parking ticket as did my family member.

She and a friend decided to have a little retail therapy at the Ravenside and then have a bite to eat at the Pizza Hut in the retail park. All this took over two hours as it can with two young ladies chatting etc.

As the parking restrictions are for two hours maximum my daughter received a parking fine. This is all well and good as there are clear signs but I feel that two hours maximum is not really a reasonable time to shop and eat lunch, which they obviously would like you to do otherwise why put a Pizza Hut and in-store cafes there?

I feel this leaves the shopper with the choice of either shopping or eating and I’m sure that the businesses there would like you to do both. I will be advising anyone who asks about the shopping in Chesterfield not to go to the Ravenside site if they want a leisurely stroll.

I would be interested if any other readers have had similar experiences.

Mark Hardy

By email