You are ignoring our views

I am carer to an elderly relative who receives calls a day from Social Services and therefore feel qualified to comment on some points raised in the letter ‘Delivering a service’, Times talk, November 10.

“About three years ago we introduced a new computer system ....This means we know what our clients want.” You will only know what clients want by asking them or listening to their carers and your staff.

“Each week we let them know who will be visiting, at what time and for how long.” This is fine for some clients; however names and times, listed on a sheet have very little meaning to someone suffering Dementia.

“We try not to change the time of their visit unless they ask us to.” But you do change them regularly, sometimes with 2 hours between calls and sometimes missing calls altogether.

“We need to provide a service when a client needs and wants it, not when it is convenient for us.” This is what the carers are saying, but they’re also saying they want continuity of care for their clients, but this is not happening.

“This system is not new. It makes better use of our staff, our equipment, time and resources – council tax payers expect it of us.” But it is to the detriment of clients, many of whom now contribute for their care, and their wishes and your staff are being ignored.

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