Yes, council can make a difference

Further to Cllr Burrows’ reply to my complaint concerning Chesterfield Rail Station. I am under no assumption that the Council ‘controls the world’ - thankfully it doesn’t! The area I refer to is not only the station itself but the area outside the station, something the council IS responsible for. The single overflowing bin and weedy plantless verges ARE the councils responsibility. It is also high time the highways department installed a pedestrian crossing outside the station as it is a very busy road with a blind bend. I’m pleased Cllr Burrows agrees the station is a disgrace, but let’s not overlook the fact that the council could take steps to improve it. As for the plants outside the town hall, why can’t the council plant evergreens and perennials? I don’t think in these austere times that people would complain.

Mr Callum Phoenix