Wish my union would strike Well done for fighting back

Cllr Michael Longden (Times Talk, December 13) is a little over-confident in claiming we share his feelings about the recent strike by Dunstan Primary School.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I work for a different employer, and must say how encouraged I am to see such strikes in my local area. My employer is trying to extend its appraisal system, so that my performance will be judged by centrally-concocted ‘targets’ and enforced by a management more concerned about the targets than the needs of the job.

I wish my union would even hint at a strike so that we can beat this nonsense back. The argument that appraisal happens in every line of work is irrelevant - in my experience, appraisal schemes are introduced at the behest and in the interests of managements and their masters, not the clients (in this case the students), not the employees, not the public at large.

Well done the Dunstan teachers, for showing how to deal with centralising politicians and wrong-headed managements everywhere.

Strike supporter

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