Why remove No.85?

Since Stagecoach took the unbelievable decision to remove the No 85 bus, our one and only direct link to Chesterfield last October, there is a dangerous white elephant of a bus shelter standing outside Brockley Primary School in Shuttlewood now.

With there being another bus stop just 30 yards away on Bolsover Road, the now redundant bus shelter on Clowne Road causes a serious obstruction to the vision of motorists approaching both the nearby pedestrian crossing and the highly dangerous cross roads with the B6419 towards Renishaw.

Also, the number of vehicles parked on both sides of the road alongside Brockley Primary School create a highly dangerous area for all traffic travelling along the B6418 as well as pedestrians trying to cross.

Surely, the massive recreation ground opposite the school could have part of it re-surfaced as a car park for parents dropping off/collecting children. Teachers and staff also park there vehicles along this area whilst at school - so irresponsible.

Regarding bus shelters in general, would our authorities check all bus shelters as recently the gales blew off a heavy section of the perspex roofing on the shelter by Cemetery Road, Chesterfield.

Geoff E. Evans