Why not a museum?

REGARDING the revamping of the old Robinsons site at Brampton.

Yes it is about time the site was put to good use.

Granted much thought has to go into the design and conservation of the area. Jobs are needed, probably more so than the housing promised on that land, so clean, non-polluting firms please.

One aspect could be a long-overdue museum for the area. We have had many firms who have sadly gone, so much industrial heritage.

A museum could remember all those who worked on this site and around Brampton over the centuries; the communities living around the works buildings, record how lives were changing with the times and attitudes of the day.

We can’t change the past - good or bad - only respect how people coped with the situations. Funding is badly needed to restore some of the old buildings so Brampton could have the possibility of museum sites.

The old Cannon Mill for a pottery museum - we have had about seven potteries and brickworks in the area. The old blacksmith’s workshop of Robinsons was once thought to be wanted as a local museum , even several years ago when I and others from a local history group went on a tour of the old buildings.

Both areas could provide carparks for visitors plus being on bus routes and not far from the town centre. Granted towns have to be modernised and move with the times but every long-established town will have its heritage to respect. Even in these depressing times we should have a place to respect a busy past. With my great love of the historty of Chesterfield and especially Brampton I’m certainly in support of a museum - I’d be first through the door.

As Robinsons has been such an important firm for Chesterfield surely we should have their backing.

Mrs J Jagger