Why mum would be appalled by turbine

A FRIEND of my late mum has sent me the cutting of a recent article on the Bolsover School wind turbine and, as you are inviting comment about the turbine, I could not resist writing to you expressing my thoughts on the matter.

My mum (and late dad) was a resident at Ardleigh, Mooracre Lane, from 1957, until my mum passed away in November, 2009 - 52 years there. She had been school secretary at the Moorfield School from when it opened in the mid-50’s until her retirement in 1983. The house itself was a lovely house with character and was adjacent to the ‘old’ school, though you would hardly know a school was there. Her home was her pride and joy.

My mum would be aghast at the sight of the monstrously huge new ‘eco’ school which has been erected behind her house - and, in addition, the planning chiefs have now approved an 80-foot high wind turbine. I find it unbelievable that only 10 letters of objection have been received. In the interests of the environment, the ghastly appearance and noise generation concerns have been ignored. I appreciate that there may be a benefit to the school’s energy requirements - but at what ‘cost’ to the local residents? I was lucky enough to sell my mum’s house before the completion of the school, and, now, the erection of the wind turbine. I wonder what the current owner, and the next door neighbour, think about everything? The entrance to the school is like a wind tunnel, with high fencing erected between two properties to create the entrance driveway. Also, on the opposite corner, a site is boarded up awaiting future development, I believe. What used to be a lovely corner on the fringe of the town, unspoilt and overlooking school playing fields, has been turned into a blot on the landscape. My Mum does not have to witness what has happened to her beloved locality - but the residents of Mooracre Lane must be livid. I don’t suppose this letter will make any difference to the planning chiefs, - be it on their consciences.


‘Resident of (mainly) unspoiled

Norfolk’. By e-mail