Whose idea is the artwork? Another fine mess we’re in

What can I say? Is the Horns Bridge public art idea another Destination Chesterfield project?

After the fiasco with the town signs it certainly smacks of it: we have four proposals wrapped up in goobledegook as to what they are supposed to represent, and which only the artist will recognise.

1. Portal – sorry it’s a hoop whichever way you look at it;

2. Tutelar – it’s a bent hoop lying on its side with a copse in the middle;

3. Growth – here we have a giant leek, or is it a Triffid?

4. Field and Fort – I don’t know what to make of this one as we are only provided with an aerial view of the roundabout and the approaches. Are we to see a fortified structure in the middle of the roundabout? Visions of the Wild West spring to mind with traffic substituting Native Americans riding besieging it.

I agree with Domenico Diioro’s Facebook comment: we have an engineering history, everything from submarines to the channel tunnel boring machines have been built here, and let’s not forget our mining, iron and steel heritage.

Chesterfield is also the birthplace of revolution. If the council are intent on spending money on this it should reflect Chesterfield’s roots, not some off-the-wall artist’s vision that the spin doctors will try and justify with meaningless waffle.

Alternatively, as already suggested, spend the money to make the roundabout safer – in particular the exit in to the town – and the rest on something useful that will benefit the community.

Alternatively, use it to sort out the Whittington Moor roundabout.

John Wilson

Via email

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Derbyshire Times requested a different, more illustrative image of ‘Field and Fort’ prior to publication. None were forthcoming.