Who is being consulted over travellers’ sites

What future for Bolsover Mr. Skinner?

Reference your article “travellers to get sites in town”.

Who are the Homes and Communities Agency negotiating with is my question, this supposedly being an agency that works with the local authorities and community to help meet the ambition we have for our area.

Will this increase our wellbeing and prosperity? Are local people involved having the “influence to make decisions to develop and shape our communities own plans”, to use the agency’s own spiel.

Who are the Bolsover people negotiating these locations, please identify yourselves as we can probably guarantee you will not be the residents overlooking these new communities and all they bring with them.

How many travellers’ sites does the MP for Hazel Grove, Andrew Stunnell OBE, live near I wonder?

Has Bolsover the need for 20 travellers’ sites? Funding has already been allocated, negotiation is merely a smoke screen.

Perhaps the hundreds of families are needed to shop at our new super store “coming soon”.

Bolsover people we need to stand up and be counted. Wellbeing and prosperity, I think not. Falling house prices and not being able to sell are more likely.

Where are you Mr. Skinner, what are your observations and feelings around this?

NaMe and Address Supplied