Who could have abandoned poor Kitty?

A year ago a young cat turned up at our house (pregnant). We kept her for a few days as she did not want to leave. After asking people and looking on lamp posts for any signs that someone had lost her we decided to take her to the RSPCA, where we filled in lots of forms in which we agreed that when she had the kittens we would adopt her. Because we didn’t know her name we called her Kitty on the forms.

About four hours later a very nice lady called Sheree phoned us to say that she had fostered Kitty and that she had started to have her kittens at her house. Over the next three hours she had four in total.

Sherree asked us to name the kittens: Tilly, Oscar, Daisy and Maisy.

Over the next few weeks we visited them and decided to adopt Tilly and Oscar to be friends for Kitty. Within a few weeks of taking them home the RSPCA gave us vouchers to take them to a vet in Matlock to be doctored so that they can’t have kittens themselves.

They have also had to have inoculations to stop them from getting poorly.

How could someone have abandoned such a young vulnerable cat in the first place.

But we have benefited from this and they show their appreciation with lots of cuddles and constantly laying dead mice next to our back door.

Charlotte and Jack Swift, (aged 8 and 12)

Hunloke Park School