What’s a zit?

I WOULD like to thank you for your Coffee Break page, but would like a definition of the word ‘zits’ (eight down) in this weeks cross code.

I can’t find this word in either of my two dictionaries. I am not being facetious, but as an avid crossworder I am puzzled by this word. It definitely states on the grid that 8=Z, 17=I and 14=T.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support for the butchers and fish merchant in the proposed revamp of the Market Hall. I have written to the Town Hall expressing my disgust at Tesco and something ‘rotten in the state of Primark’.

I am given to understand by my butcher (Chris Norton) there might now be a solution to this problem.

Mrs P. Baker

North Wingfield

Editor’s note: Zit (noun) - a pimple - 20th century (slang).