We’re up to our necks

IN his letter, Lib Dem Cllr Rodgers estimates that the forthcoming council rent rise will be about 8.75 per cent. This will be bad news for tenants. The Government intends to push council rents to 80 per cent of the market value.

Why Cllr Rodgers fastened on the national media’s estimate that in some areas council rents are only 20 per cent and applied that to Chesterfield, I do not understand.

Cllr Rodger’s party tells us we are all in it together, well some of us are in it up to our necks and its rising.

We all know that it was greedy and incompetent financiers that caused the economic downturn, but they tell us it was a Labour government that caused the crisis in Britain... and the USA... and Greece... and Italy... and Spain... and Portugal...