We’re pushed to limit so support our Derbyshire strike

I have worked for 15 years at Derbyshire County Council as a day service worker, supporting adults with learning disabilities.

I feel very upset and angry at being given another pathetic pay offer this year.

Like hundreds of thousands of council workers I have had one per cent or zero pay rises over the past four years and the effect on me and my family has been very hard.

The value of my pay has gone down by 20 per cent since the coalition came to power.

What sort of message does that give to the public and workers like me about the value the councils places on my work and the services we deliver day after day?

As a day service worker it is a tough decision to take strike action, leaving clients at home rather than accessing the services that they need and enjoy, but I feel I pushed to my limit and so is my family.

I am asking your readers to support the action.

Better still contact your MP and tell them what you think.

Local council workers are simply asking for a fair days’ pay.

Angela O’Connor

By email