We’re not crying wolf

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There is a simple answer to the question asked recently on your letters page, “Are voluntary groups crying wolf?”

In the case of Ashgate Hospice, an emphatic NO is the answer.

We start the new financial year with a certain amount of trepidation as, unfortunately, it has not been possible for the Government to increase our funding, meaning that we need to raise £2.7 million from voluntary giving during the next twelve months.

Otherwise, and I promise we are not “crying wolf”; our services will most definitely be affected.

I would like to assure the public that, whilst we will never compromise on the quality of the care we provide, we continue to look at efficiencies.

Those who have experienced our specialist care will know what a real difference we make to local people and their families at a time when it matters most.

Please may I take this opportunity to sincerely thank our wonderful supporters and volunteers for helping us through another year, and to urge them to continue supporting Ashgate Hospice?


Head of Fundraising

Ashgate Hospice