We need the public’s help: Killamarsh war tribute

2014, the centenary of the 1914-1918 Great War, Killamarsh, like so many other villages, towns and communities, aim to take this opportunity to bring forth an awareness to present and future generations, of what those war years meant to those back home or away at the front.

By no means a celebration, how can we possibly celebrate the horrors of war, whatever the final outcome? Rather, a commemoration of that sad and tragic era.

There is a wealth of literature and pictorial history at our disposal, but these can only provide a sort of framework or skeleton to work on, we are looking to bring this to life by filling out the bare bones with a collection of mementoes, trophies and photographs, if possible relative to Killamarsh and the locality - bits of shrapnel, bullet cases, souvenirs from the trenches and photographs.

Especially nice would be some of those wonderful silk postcards the ‘Tommies’ sent back to ‘Blighty’, the War Office cards from Field Hospitals (I am well; I am not well, etc.) and Old Bill cartoons.

All photos and the like will be photocopied and returned, other items duly returned after being displayed and everything acknowledged on receipt.

If anyone can help with anything, however trivial, please contact, Cllr Caroline Hancock, 3 Musard Way, Killamarsh S21 1HJ, telephone 0114 2471352.

Dave Froggatt