We need quirky!

Yet another letter bemoaning the demolition of Manor School, I struggle to think of an example of true architectural merit within Chesterfield.

You proudly announce the prospect of development (at long last) of the Robinson site bringing with it hundreds of part time supermarket jobs.

Let us hope that this regeneration, the Northern Gateway project and the canal development, will all bring buildings of which we can be proud. I fear that, if the bland anodyne edifices of the Vicar Lane development are anything to go by, the town will be hostage to another hundred years of architectural nonentity.

What really stands out in the town? Of course the Spire, and that strange top-heavy building at the bottom of Packers Row.

May I suggest that no new building or development be allowed without some inherent piece of quirkiness? In years to come, visitors may say “the buildings of Chesterfield may be crooked, but the people are straight and true.”

Rod Spurrier