We must stay local

Julia Williams wants a Debenhams or John Lewis and a Waitrose in Chesterfield (Times Talk, July 28) not the Asda we are likely to get.

I suspect Ms Williams may have to continue shopping elsewhere for some considerable time. She says she would like Lakeland and Joules too. I haven’t really heard of them - I assume they are upmarket chain shops. She should look around next time she is in town, look at the bags people are carrying - that will tell her where the people of Chesterfield are shopping at a time when there isn’t that much spare cash about. And we have a very good department store - the Co-op. If she wants a shop for the well heeled, she can go to Peters Shoes, one of many fine independent shops within the town centre.

It is the independents that give a town its character, Chesterfield Council should be putting all its effort into nurturing small local retail businesses rather than getting the big boys to suck the economic life out of the town for the benefit of some faraway fat cat.

Rod Spurrier