We must move with times: Keep my £s in the town

As a resident of Chesterfield all my life and a local independent shop owner, I would like to take this opportunity to state my opinion on Queen’s Park Leisure Centre and the Annex.

I have two kids, aged nine and 12 and I would never take them to Queen’s Park for the simple reason that there is nothing for them to do.

If we go to a park we go to Matlock where they have equipment for you to play tennis, mini golf and bowls. There’s motor boats, a paddling pool and a nice play area, but most of all it’s not full of geese droppings.

As for the leisure centre, if I want to take them swimming we will go to Mansfield: there they have more slides and a wave machine, just simple things that make swimming more fun and attracts families.

At the Chesterfield’s Queen’s Park Leisure Centre all the kids get is hassle from older people moaning that they are having way too much fun.

Now the Annexe: I think we have to move with the times and unfortunately, unless the Olympic Games consist of FIFA and Call Of Duty on the Xbox or PlayStation then this country has shot it in the next 10 years.

And who is to blame? If there’s no fun kids will not go out of their multi-media homes.

I would like to see the old Leisure Centre knocked down and replaced with tennis courts, a bowling green, a golf putting area, trampolines to hire out to the public and more, so it gives people who go to the park something to do, and stay longer.

Make the place fun: I would like them to build a new leisure centre that attracts children to go and have fun at the Annexe where the tennis courts and bowling greens are.

I’m sure by putting the leisure centre together with the athletics, a lot more people would use the running track and other field events if they can get changed and shower nearby.

All these things have to be affordable to get people there and I know this might cost a lot of money but Chesterfield has got to move at the same pace as other towns and cities to keep people like me from going to other places to spend their money.

Kevin Howarth