We may be toasting the death of our town

Bolsover District Council would have us believe that the sale and proposed development of Sherwood Lodge is all for the good of Bolsover, yet it appears to be full of flaws and contradiction and highlights previous ill-judged developments.

They say Sherwood Lodge is no longer ‘fit for purpose’ and that the cost of servicing the energy bills alone is circa half a million pounds a year.

This is the same council that oversaw the initial design of these premises around 20 years ago. Surely the council should have had the foresight to see a mere couple of decades into the future what its requirements would be?

They will then have you believe that a supermarket development is going to create hundreds of jobs and that these jobs will be available first on a local personnel basis, Morrisons themselves being present at last week’s exhibition, would not commit to an exact number of jobs that would become available and when one pushed them for a ‘rough figure’ it was well short of what BDC would have you believe.

Further more, making promises about local personnel being handed job opportunities first is nothing short of a false promise as employment law does not permit this.

The sad reality is that the development could very well lead to more job losses locally than gains.

BDC also makes reference that the development will lead to increased ‘footfall’ in the town centre, providing a boost to other local businesses, there is however no evidence to support this. In fact, research shows the opposite

BDC claims that by moving their HQ to Clowne would provide an economic boost to Clowne. Well, surely if that is true then it would be of economic detriment to Bolsover.

Whilst feasting on their near-record breaking’ allowances, maybe its time our councillors took their snouts out of the trough to take stock of what they are planning. Once this development has gone ahead, there will be no turning back and we may all be left drinking to the economic death of our town.

Jamie Houghton