We all have rights we endeavour to protect

I WRITE in response to the letters (Derbyshire Times, Times Talk, January 5) from Patricia Stubbs and Wendy Nelson.

Firstly, as a responsible member of GLASS (Green Lane Association) I drive on green lanes that are shown on Ordinance Survey maps as “byways open to all traffic” and are covered by the same rules and regulations relating to vehicles and drivers using any public highway.

It is in the interest of the responsible user not to do any damage to the lanes and to preserve conditions and respect the environment to allow continued future access.

I am aware that some individuals do stray from the byways on to areas of private land etc, but these individuals need to be dealt with accordingly, not by a blanket ban on everyone.

There are many more bridleways that horses have the exclusive use of and I would not contemplate attempting to drive on, therefore, I feel that it is a very selfish attitude to demand exclusive use of byways as well.

I can think of many places that I would prefer our equestrian friends to not frequent, an example of which would be the pavement outside my address, a major A road with a 50mph speed limit, but I wouldn’t ask to ban their access, just ask that they behave responsibly if possible, as we all have rights that we endeavour to protect.

Andy Birks

Clay Cross