Vote winner

The letter from the computer-controlled care-worker underlines the failure of the three main political parties to take adequate national action to deal with the increasing number of elderly folk requiring care of different levels.

Thirty years ago the demographic warning signs were flashing.

Governments have done very little except allow too much care to fall into profit-motivated private hands

We need a national plan for the proper training and certification of all care-workers. It is essential that their vital work is properly rewarded.

Too many care-homes, for example, are understaffed and dependent on immigrant labour earning minimum wages.

An action programme by any political party to meet these needs would be not only an election winner, but also a great job creator.

Likewise, just in case influential politicians are bothering to listen, a really vigorous action plan to get young people into worthwhile employment would not only prevent the ugly social consequences of youth unemployment, but also attract many votes.

David Davis