Upset over untimely tax bill for late mum

I wonder if you would print the following to highlight the inefficiency of NEDDC.

As a background to the story, my mother died last May 2012. She lived in sheltered accommodation with a private housing association.

She was exempt from council tax, and of course I duly notified NEDDC when she passed away.

Unfortunately they still kept sending letters to my mother saying she “owed” money to them, despite the fact that she never paid council tax as she was exempt and despite the fact they had been advised of her death immediately.

Today I received a letter addressed to “Exors of Florence Edwards, Dec’d” advising that my mother was again exempt from council tax on the property she used to live in. This was upsetting to me of course.

I would have thought it obvious that if someone had died they were exempt from paying Council Tax anyway!

This highlights the inefficiency of NEDDC, as twice in my mother’s case they have got things wrong, and sending out such letters is a complete waste of council taxpayers’ money.


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