Turn club into mall

IT is excellent news that the nightclub on Cavendish Street has closed - now Chesterfield Borough Council needs to de-license the premises.

It was this nightclub, as Zanzibar, that started problems when it first opened with its cheap drink offers

Before that, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were all booming.

Councillors have also got to take a lot of responsibility as it is they who are saturating the town with bars and giving out licences to any Tom Dick or Harry, thus causing other problems which over-stretches the police on weekends.

I am in the pub trade and often get asked why pubs are getting closed.

It’s not the smoking ban - although this does not help. It is too much red tape, council interference, large utility bills and supermarkets selling cheap drink.

But the biggest effect on our trade was the 2003 Licensing Act which changed everybody’s drinking patterns.

Before it came in, it was simple: from 6pm to 8pm you were busy, by 9pm you were full and 11pm you closed. Then everything got later.

And finally the building on Cavendish Street is one of the largest in Chesterfield - wouldn’t it be ideal for an indoor shopping mall?