Trumpeting return of festival

SIR — As a local musician in Chesterfield who is especially keen in developing and showcasing our young musical talent in Derbyshire, I am very pleased to see that a group of volunteers have managed to re-launch the Chesterfield Music Festival which, as some readers may know, was closed a few years ago by the borough council. A subsequent petition demonstrating support for the festival fell on deaf ears, sadly.

The Chesterfield Music Festival is an excellent platform for musicians of all ages to perform in a supportive setting and compete in over 50 classes. This is not the X factor and there are no TV or record deals at the end of it, merely certificates, small cups and a winners' concert. It is, however, great for the performers and inspiring for the listeners.

May I urge parents, teachers and musicians to enter this year's festival on April 24 at the Winding Wheel and for people to go along and listen and hopefully ensure that we are not so careless as to lose this important event once more – perhaps for good this time.

Entry forms and festival syllabuses are available from libraries, tourist information centres, music shops and venues. The closing date for entries is February 14.

Andrew Marples,

Eyre Street East,

Hasland, Chesterfield.