Town centre leisure plan is win win idea

So now we have more of the ‘Big Plan’ – Bolsover’s Council of Judases (as they are commonly known up here) are not using ANY money at all for the people of this community, rather they’re treating themselves to a cosy little move.

Perhaps they can put a nice moat around it over there in Clowne, and maybe ride white stallions while the rest of us pick turnips and bow as they pass – that way they’d be more in touch and closer to their serfs.

I’m all for job creation, but if they can’t see what Morrisons have done for Staveley, Tesco for Clowne, etc., then they must be worse than stupid.

Why create jobs to lose the same or more? It makes NO sense.

The leisure centre idea works; it creates jobs in Sherwood Lodge without destroying the town centre (or the offices themselves) and regenerating the Coalite site with a state of the art supermarket creates jobs there too. Win win!

This council just has one thing on it’s mind; self – not the public or the businesses in Bolsover.

Steve Mirl