Too many bins!

We wait with ‘excitement’ for Chesterfield Borough Council to deliver another recycling bin........this time a royal blue one for papers, glass, plastics etc. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I am not against the principle of recycling, far from it - and like many others I have been contributing, but my predominant ‘groan’ is the space these eyesores take up in the community

My patio now starts to resemble a Sheffield Road recycling centre in appearance. My patio isn’t getting any bigger neither. Do I need to buy a bigger house to keep up? I now have three huge bins. What happens next? Do we get a fourth? A burgundy one perhaps to rival or NEDDC neighbours? A white one perhaps - as that’s our away strip this season? There’s other issues too. What about the resources burned up manufacturing all these bins? And the costs involved? Personally I’m not sure there was a great deal wrong with the blue open crates - and the foresight of taking a few lightweight plastic bottles to the supermarket recycling facilities once in a while

Graham Britt