Toilet closure is a step too far

Just what does the Peak District National Park Authority think will be achieved by the proposed closure of the public toilets at Dovedale?

The short-sighted idea to save money will have a terrible effect on local tourism in my opinion. Thousands of people from all over the world visit one of the prize assets that the Peak District has and which is promoted by the National Trust worldwide on it’s website, as well as many more thousands of local people from the Derbyshire area.

Dovedale is a fantastic place, enjoyed by families for decades, but take away the basic facility of a public toilet and I can see many people just going elsewhere. It won’t just be Dovedale that gets bypassed but local businesses are likely to lose out too.

Surely the Park Authority can work with the National Trust and the owner of the private car park to ensure the funding for the toilets can continue?

I would urge everyone who cares, and can remember great family days out playing in the river and on the stepping stones, to contact the Park Authority and tell them this is one cut too far.

S. Smedley