Times is much improved

I’d like to say how much improved I consider the Derbyshire Times to be, especially in reporting imminent local activities.

In the past you reported only what had already happened – too late to enjoy.

As the weather so affects the success of outdoor festivities and the smallest ads were so expensive, the upshot was most local/ voluntary organisations refused to commit themselves to publicising events, so they were missed time and again.

Now there is a definite buzz of anticipation and interest and feeling of us all being valued participants – thank you!

I consider myself somewhat an ambassador for Chesterfield as, over many years of living and working in the area I have drawn attention to our town’s importance, the church and its spire always being a useful introduction to the realisation of our valuable contributions globally.

For too long, I have been enraged at travel guides missing us out and promoting places like Baslow, “near Sheffield”, and now delight that “the powers that be” are making sure that we are included on the Weather Maps!

There are many people now working tirelessly to make our town more acknowledged and it is really showing now.

Yes, there were times, years past, I was saddened that our town did not do itself justice. Earlier historians have pondered why Chesterfield with its propitious geographical central position, waterways, pottery clay, iron ore, coal seams, etc., didn’t develop into a city whilst Nottingham, Derby, etc., were still villages.

I have often said that we owe a great debt to “outsiders” who noted our potential and made us a town to be reckoned with.


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