Time to park the rows over tickets

I’d like to respond to recent letters and set the record straight about blue badges, parking tickets and parking officers.

Firstly, Parksmarter is a partnership between Derbyshire County Council and all the district and borough councils in Derbyshire.

A private company called Apcoa provides us with trained parking officers. Apcoa has no control over the patrols and the only money it receives is for the parking officers’ time.

There are no performance bonuses for these officers.

The councils set the enforcement policy and decide where the officers go based on where they’re most needed.

Secondly, we know blue badges are open to abuse by people who shouldn’t be using them.

This isn’t just an issue for Derbyshire but for councils across the country.

Blue badge holders have a responsibility to display their badge correctly – and most do.

We have a responsibility to make sure that spaces reserved for people with disabilities are being used by those who really need them.

That’s why we take appropriate action when badges are incorrectly displayed.

It helps brings to our attention those who are using them when they’re not entitled to.

But we do have a comprehensive appeals process for anyone who believes they’ve wrongly received a parking ticket and we would encourage them to use it.

Finally, there are no special favours granted to any business or individual.

We expect everyone to obey the traffic regulations and car park orders to help reduce congestion and improve road safety for all.

More information about how the enforcement system works can be found at www.parksmarter.orq.uk.

Cllr Simon spencer

Derbyshire County Council deputy leader and cabinet member for highways and transport