Time to get tough on rogue owners

We send our sympathy to the lady who had her Yorkshire Terrier killed by some mindless person with a dog that he used as a weapon to terrorise other dog walkers.

We know how this lady feels, as three years ago our two year old Yorkshire Terrier was killed in the same way.

This was not on a park, but five minutes from our home, another mindless idiot opening his front door in order to watch and laugh as it savaged our little pet.

In our opinion this problem will not be solved unless Chesterfield Borough Council get a grip on the situation. What happens is people move into council accommodation and get a dog. They do not know the animal’s history. In our case the dog was being trained for attacking and fighting. The police said nothing could be done. After the attack this dog was passed on to someone else in Chesterfield and proceeded to attack and kill a puppy. This could be the case with this Akita, it may be on another park in Chesterfield terrorising other dog owners and their pets. The council must warn tenants that if they have a dog that causes trouble they will lose their home.

Also the policy on how many dogs in council accommodation are allowed changes depending who ever you speak to. The tenancy agreement states one dog per household, yet I was informed that a person could have five dogs or as many as they liked. The council dog wardens do not get as involved as they should. Until the council change the way they handle these people who own these dogs, this situation will continue with other dogs and their owners being attacked and terrorised.