Time to celebrate the younger generation

Living in a small village between Bolsover and Clowne presents a dilemma: do I pay my respect for our fallen war heroes at the War Memorial in the market place in Bolsover, or the busy corner that is the War Memorial in Clowne?

Thankfully Bolsover’s most unusual timing of the laying of the wreaths at noon allows me to take in both.

To enable those suffering with chest complaints in damp and cold conditions, to take less risk with the weather, Bolsover conduct the major part of their Service of Remembrance in the local church before departing for the War Memorial at 11.45am.

The up-beat marching music played by the band leading the parade in Bolsover is a modern celebration to the more recent military sacrifices given for our own liberation and reasonably comfortable life styles, I feel. The Clowne ceremony, although more sombre, includes such moving hymns as ‘O Valiant Hearts’ which to me sums up perfectly the ultimate sacrifices made by those serving their country in conflicts past and present.

It is good to see so many youngsters on parade to the war memorials, and I wonder should the traditional time of Remembrance be split into two? ie ten minutes of peace and reflection and ten minutes of applause and celebration for the younger generation? It is now 66 years since the end of World War Two, but current conflicts persist.

Geoff A. Evans