Threats to our NHS

As a District Nurse working in Derbyshire, I am writing to make sure your readers know that, unless they help to stop it, our NHS is likely disappear because of a law going through Parliament right now.

Our NHS, free when you need it and paid for out of taxes, is the envy of the world but, if this law is passed, our care will depend entirely on where we live and who our GP is. Unlike now, GPs (and a few token nurses and others) will form ‘clinical commissioning groups’ responsible for buying our health care from the most competitive NHS or private provider.

Within these commissioning groups, GPs will have to work to a very strict budget or go out of business.

This law will help them balance their books by giving them Dear Sir/Madam, the power to decide which services they will provide under the NHS. This means that if you need – for example - antenatal care, mental health support, or a hip replacement operation, your GP may tell you that you must pay for this yourself (or go without) while others you know, registered with a different practice, might receive this care on the NHS.

This sounds very harsh but it could happen, so please tell your MP to vote against this dangerous legislation (The Health and Social Care Bill) when goes to the House of Commons on September 6 and 7.

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