This money-spinner simply isn’t fair

HERE is my letter written to Tim Shoveller, Managing director, East Midland Trains.

“May I offer my congratulations at your decision to add £9 on to every journey I undertake with East Midland Trains for medical treatment and leisure, the removal of close long term disabled parking and access to the station, and putting into place an extortionate pricing structure for the people who have no alternative other than to drive to the station, and utilise the disabled parking due to the severe nature of their disabilities.

This is an appalling decision to take away an absolute need for the disabled. Not only are we discriminated against by utilising your trains if there are more than one wheelchair passenger on your trains - at times I have had to carry my disabled wife into the carriage and put her wheelchair on the luggage rack - but to add insult to injury I now have to use the main car park, wheel the chair across the car park, two roads at a cost of £9 pound on each occasion I utilise your facilities.

You have placed me in the position whereby it is now cost effective to utilise the taxi cab/dial a ride to visit Sheffield for treatment.

There will be no more leisure visits to Sheffield, Derby, Manchester and Nottingham. IT IS NOW BEYOND OUR MEANS. I am seeking the assistance of Toby Perkins MP to investigate your decision to remove the long term free parking close to the station. What I need from your office is the “rationale” that took place that allowed the mechanisms of your decision. I have followed your instructions relating to your complaints department.

They have responded in a very professional manner, unable to give any explanation as to why the changes took place. They did confirm that the changes would not be reversed. Is this an “early” money spinning initiative prior to the less able visiting the 2012 Olympics, or am I being “cynical”.”

Brian A Smalley