This is no way to get people recycling

THE council are banging on about recycling and encouraging people to be more green.

I live on Archdale Close. Our industrial sized glass recycling bin hasn’t been emptied for weeks.

People have been leaving their bottles in carrier bags at the side of the bin for collection.

The council eventually arrived this afternoon to empty the bin but the refuse workers completely ignored the bags of bottles around it, in fact they knocked many of them over in the struggle to get the black bin out.

Now there are bottles lying all around the bin area, many are no longer in bags and are free rolling around the street.

I am absolutely appalled that this is allowed to happen, and from the council as well who support recycling!

What kind of encouragement is this!!

As well as not disposing of all the overflowing glass bottles, the refuse workers kindly left our street with a big pile of broken glass on the road after emptying the bin.

This is a huge risk to both individuals and drivers as it could lead to serious injury or the damage of car tyres.

There are many young children and elderly living on the estate and all it takes is for one of them to fall over on the glass and it could well be a hospital job.

I have personally had to ring Chesterfield Council and speak to someone today about the state the street has been left in.

They said they would be sending out a supervisor to assess the situation.

I am now concerned that this uncollected glass is going to be sat rolling around the floor and bin area until a member of the public puts on a pair of rubber gloves and does the council’s job for them.

This is going to attract mice and rats to the already vulnerable area.

What am I paying my council tax for if the job is not carried out correctly by the council in the first place!!


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